Brokerage Services

Unbeatable Brokerage Services on offer

Navigating the commercial real estate market can be a complicated endeavor – for buyer and seller alike. Working with a trusted brokerage can help ensure you realty needs are met.

R&R Commercial Realty has played the part of that trusted brokerage for thousands of satisfied clients on the Delmarva Peninsula since 1996. Being one of the most visible and respected firms in our service area, our reputation precedes us. It’s one of conscientious excellence.

Our well-honed brokerage services provide the wisdom, expertise and professionalism needed to secure the best possible outcome for our clients while avoiding pitfalls.

As anyone in the commercial real estate industry for multiple decades can attest, no two transactions are the same. This is why experience and acumen count.

Agents with ears to the ground

R&R’s agents are experts at combing the market for available commercial real estate that perfectly fit a client’s parameters. But, any agency can pull up a set of commercial listings. It takes an agency with a well-established presence and contact list truly know their market. It’s the difference between knowing what’s for sale and what might be for sale.

Over our decades of experience on the Delmarva, we’ve dug deep roots in the community. Our ongoing relationships with developers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, landlords, investors and civil servants keep our agents truly connected with the word on the street. Consultation based on this type of market knowledge is available nowhere else.

Marketing makes the difference

For anyone listing commercial real estate, exposure is incredibly important. Without adequate marketing, one can’t be sure that word of their listing is reaching the best potential buyer. With our office’s synchronized efforts, we provide the broadest exposure and market coverage available in the state.

Our marketing team specializes in honing the office’s approach to promoting and publicizing our listings. Using a unique mix of direct marketing, traditional media, web presence and social media, they prepare advertising campaigns tailored specifically to each listing to ensure clients’ properties are reaching prospective buyers with the highest and best use of the real estate in mind.

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