Business Brokering

Buying or selling a business? R&R can help

Most people know their own business back to front, but selling it is a different story. Appraisal, marketing, negotiating terms, and closing the transaction all take specialized skills. R&R Commercial Realty has those in abundance. If you’re considering selling your business, reach out to R&R Commercial Realty today for a free appraisal.

Retiring without a succession plan? Maybe you want to just close your doors and sell of inventory and real estate. However, your business may be worth more than you realize as a package. Get a free opinion on this from us.

Has your business failed? Businesses fail for any one of a hundred reason. While tragic, it’s tempting to liquidate the assets and try for a clean break. Despite its condition, your business may still have more value than you’d think to the right buyer. We may be able to track that buyer down.

Want to explore new opportunities? Maybe you’ve spent the last decade building a successful, profitable business but you want to pursue a different career. Knowing how much your current business may be worth could help you plan that change – let’s do the math.

In the market for a business? Maybe you’re recently retired and you’d like to invest in a well-established business to convert some of your savings into cashflow for the future. You may not realize how affordable and manageable this option can be. Contact our office today to inquire about local listings.

R&R Commercial Realty has been a market leader in these services since 1996. Since then, we’ve sold businesses in all three counties of Delaware and built a network of nationwide industry contacts. Our agents have sold everything from gas stations and delis to laundromats and car washes – businesses of all types and sizes.

There is more to appraising a business’s value than crunching gross receipts in a formula and more to marketing than simply taking out an ad in the paper. R&R Commercial Realty gives you access to its hyperlocal understanding of market trends based on recent sales. The firm’s marketing team not only has immense reach through state-wide signage, social media campaigns, its high-traffic website, and traditional marketing, but also an extensive client list of ready buyers who may already be on the hunt for a business just like yours.

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